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Stickers for Germany - 5 sheets
Stickers for Germany
Stickers for Germany - 5 sheets
Stickers for Germany
Dimensions15 x 21 cm

Stickers for Germany - 5 sheets

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Stickers for Germany
Stickers for Germany (5 pcs.)
3,51 EUR / pc.

Set of 5 sheets.

Details of a sheet:

- A5 (15x21 cm) single sheet containing 51 individual stickers, yellow lines show the actual shapes of stickers;
- glossy finish, to prevent damage during travels;
- printed on paper with eco materials to support sustainability;
- easy to remove from the sheet and apply, the glue we've chosen sticks to the postcards perfectly;
- we've designed stickers to fit postcards properly with priority stickers taking as little space as possible, the smallest priority size: 16mm circle, the largest one: 11x48 mm airplane;
- the shape of the map is consistent with our postcard series that includes it, map sticker size is: 37x48 mm.

A few examples on how to use the stickers:

- you can stick a map and then place a marker on it, to inform about your location or locations of places you recommend to visit;
- decorative stamps with famous places and people work great on cards sent in an envelope;
- priority stickers can work as a practical marking of a priority mail;
- you can use the stickers for scrapbooking or as a gift decoration, when it goes to stickers they're always a great way to add some personality and flair to your everyday items;
- whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, stickers are a fun way to express yourself and spread some joy by making someone's day with a suprise in their mailbox.

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