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Collecting and exchanging the points

At Delicious Postcards we believe that collection of postcards is never too large - therefore, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our loyalty programme!

Thinking of our regular customers, we prepared the opportunity to collect points calculated after paying for each order. To collect points, you must be a registered user.

Points can be exchanged for additional postcards.

We are very happy when you're coming back to us. :)




We appreciate all your activity at the store. Each purchase of a registered user is rewarded with points in the loyalty programme. The number of points depends on the price of the purchased product. During the purchase you get information about the number of points awarded for the purchase of a specific product.



If you already have loyalty points, you can exchange them for additional postcards when you place another order. An additional postcard is equivalent of 20 points.






How do I check how many points I have?

You can check the number of points you have by signing in to your account. You will see the points in the "Loyalty Programme" section. Points are added to the user's account after 3 days from the payment for the order. If you do not pick up your shipment or resign from your purchase, points will have to be canceled.

Go to your account to check the number of points

How do you buy postcards for points?

Log into the store and go to a card of a product available for points. After entering the product card, click "Buy for points" button. Add the rest of products you're interested in to the basket and place the order according to the messages in the store. The "Buy for points" button is visible for products for which you have enough points.

See all products available for points